“Hey Amanda! Thank you so much for class tonight, it was a really great way to unwind.  I have a couple of sports injuries that I acquired while playing soccer that seem to keep coming back to nag me every now and then. When I did do yoga 2x a week regularly, I do know that I had so many benefits and my running/ swimming/cycling, etc, got much more efficient. I appreciate the advice and look forward to working with you. And thanks again for class tonight…it was a breath of fresh air.” Lisa

“I wanted to let you know that we used your podcast when we were in San Francisco and it was great! It was so cool to follow along with a practice that we were familiar with. thanks!” Mary

“First of all, I would like to thank you for class on Monday it was awesome. During the class I came to the realization that  the practice of yoga is something that I should pursue more actively.  I have always done my own thing in terms of stretching and yoga but having an organized class with a knowledgeable instructor is much more sound.  Thank you.” Blake.

“Hola Amanda! Me encantó la clase de ayer! Excelente! También visité tu web site y me pareció genial. Felicitaciones!!! Voy a estudiar la “pose guide”. Saludos!!!” Sergio

“I have really enjoyed the podcast that you made for all of us! I am grateful and thank you for the class. Have mat, have yoga!  So nice when I can’t make it to the class/community. I felt like I was there anyway!  Namaste and Joy to you.” Doreen

“I came to your class last week with my friend Claire…and lost about 20 gallons of sweat. Hard but fun! I think I am going to try and keep up with it as much as possible – I have had muscular surgery in a shoulder, and 3 herniated disks in my low back operated on, so it’s hard for me to stay strong, pain free and flexible. I think this might be it though. Made me feel really good. Thank you and have a great weekend.” Thomas

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